lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

Kevin Van der Perren: Cha Cha Cha

Kevin Van der Perren osallistuu parhaillaan maansa Tanssii tähtien kanssa-kisaan :D
Tämä alla oleva video osoittaa, että ei Kevin ole mikään hassumpi tanssija! Kyllä huomaa, että esiintymiskokemusta on ja nostotkin sujuvat niin hyvin, että ehkä oikeasti näemme hänet vielä pariluistelunkin merkeissä tulevaisuudessa!

Kevin Van der Perren is currently participating in Belgium's Dancing with the Starts! :D He seems to be a quite a good dancer and you can see that he is an experienced performer. All the lifts are going so well that maybe he really has been practicing some pairs skating lately...

5 kommenttia:

  1. Well, he's good indeed! Not that I'm a dance expert... But I love Kevin!
    Awww why they don't invite skaters in our version of the program too?!?! We had Notti sul ghiaccio (Nights on Ice) once, like Dancing with the Stars but on figure skating. It was very good, but they stopped doing it after 2 seasons, insurance problems I think... :(

    1. Yes, I hope Kevin stays in this competition for a long time! :)
      We are going to have a Finnish version of Dancing on Ice next year on TV!! I agree that there is a big risk of injuries in such programs, we'll see what will happen to those Finnish celebrities on ice...

    2. Really? Lucky you!! That I remember, we had Isolde Kostner, the skier (she was great, so clumsy, but so funny and ironic!!! I loved her!), Patrizio Oliva, the boxer (a true athlete: he fell all the time but was up in a second and never complained! He did not know what grace is, for sure, but he was so funny and determined!) and a lot of semi-unknown pseudo-celebrities... Among them a so called dancer, and former ballet dancer, who kept complaining for each fall and scratch she got. Can't belive she was a ballet dancer, never heard them complaining so much!!! I think she complained through a law suit. Nothing followed, but they decided to stop doing it. A pity.
      Tell me when the program will start, I'll try to watch it. I'm curious to see how they do... ;)

    3. Wow, so one ex-ballet dancer basically stopped the whole show? I don't know yet when the Finnish show starts and who the celebrities are, but I think that Laura Lepistö will be among the judges...

    4. Let's say there have been some injuries, but she raised such a fuss that, along with the low ratings, made the production stop the show... -.- I understand why she stopped with the ballett, too frail for it... :p
      Wow, Laura Lepistö? Celebrities among the judges too! ;)